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Hi. I’m Shanelle Roberts.

I'm an author, inventor, award-winning designer turned entrepreneur & CEO, dedicated to delivering transformational experiences designed to help you heal from your hurts, achieve your personal and professional goals, while you move forward creating a life you love.

I’m a good kind of intense.

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Compassionate risk taker with a purpose to transform the lives of women for at least the next 100 years.

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Designed software solutions that resulted in multiple patents submitted & one granted.

Built a product design team from scratch.

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Design Strategist

$80+ million in revenue generated & intellectual property created for my clients.

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Value Creator

Shanelle says:

"If someone’s absence brings you peace, you didn’t lose them, you set yourself free."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"Normal won't get me what I want."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"Just because you can doesn’t mean you should."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"Purpose is bigger than a dream."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"Purpose is a function of love."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"We all need safe people, who can help us reframe our fragments into something beautiful."

SHANELLE roberts

Shanelle says:

"Self care is not a luxury, it is a necessity."

SHANELLE roberts
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Are you looking for a community of likeminded executive women who are passionate about growing into the best leaders they can be while they help others reach their goals, dreams and fulfill their purpose?
Join me in my Successful Women's Executives Group on Facebook. We will learn together, laugh together, support each other and practice creating and maintaining safe, healthy relationships with God, ourselves and others.
Join now and begin your journey to intensely owning every facet of your life.


Are you in need of some clarity about how to overcome your challenges in life and business?

Get friendly tips, techniques, insights, encouragement, and other deep thoughts from me as you peruse my site at your leisure.

My desire in posting content is to help educate and inspire you to take the actions you need to break free from the issues holding you back - regardless of if its in life or business - so you can heal from and overcome your issues. I want you to be free to create a life you love and share your unique genius with the world.
SHANELLE roberts
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eBook Image of Reawaken: 10 Actions to take back a very intense ownership of your life
Want to read a more portable version of my book Reawaken?
Check out the eBook version of my book.

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In my book Reawaken: 10 Actions to take back a very intense ownership of your life, I discuss the 10 actions I've discovered to to help you take back intense ownership of every facet of your life.
- Identify what's restricting you
- Clear the crap
- Own your stuff
- Create smart boundaries
- Design a "chic" relationship plan, and intensely stick to it
- Prioritize the manifestation of your purpose
- Visualize the life you love
- Live your audacious dream
- Partner uncommonly well
- Propel your legacy for the next 100+ years
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Intense Ownership University offers you the chance to take action in our Reawaken program. The IOU program will dive deeper into the 10 action items Shanelle's discovered to help you take back intense ownership of every facet of your life

You will learn how to apply real world strategies in all 10 actions that will help you overcome your issues and create a life you love.

The 10 actions are:
- Identify What's Restricting You
- Clear the Crap
- Own Your Stuff
- Create Smart Boundaries
- Design a "Chic" Relationship Plan, and Intensely Stick to It
- Prioritize the Manifestation of Your Purpose
- Visualize a Life You Love
- Live Your Audacious Dream
- Partner Uncommonly Well
- Propel Your Legacy for at Least 100 Years